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Why Miami and 5 Things We Love From Our City

1. Feels like summer

Most Miami visitors come to Miami on business or leisure trips. Undoubtedly Miami is one of the best-selling destinations for tourists, especially from other countries where tropical paradises are scarce.

The warmth of Miami attracts customers, tourists, and investors. And they all want one thing: Tropical vibes. South Beach is one of Miami’s busiest beaches, it has everything from white sand to crystal clear waters.

There are also plenty of clubs, restaurants, cafes and trendy shops. If you want to enjoy with friends you can choose to go to the nearest beach and have a good time if instead, you want to spend a relaxed day with your family you can go shopping -Miami has some of the best malls out there.

2. Multifaceted gastronomy

Thanks to the great diversity of cultures in Miami, you will never get tired of Miami food. Miami combines several countries in one place, thanks to the blend of styles and inhabitants from all over the world. It doesn’t matter where you go, you will always find some Argentinian, Cuban, Colombian, or Venezuelan restaurants, among others.

Also, American cuisine meets Latin to create some of the most delicious combinations, and you can find dishes with intensely flavoured ingredients, tropical fruits and seasonings, some of them including, pork chops, Cuban rice, chimichurri, arepas, soups and other foods that will take you directly to their country of origin.

3. The capital of Latin America

One of the positive things about Miami is that it’s a strategic place for business. Thousands of companies work there and share important links with other Latin American countries, giving the population many possibilities for economic progress for their inhabitants and placing them in the top positions.

Governance, infrastructure and attractiveness are key for large companies that want to employ citizens, generating more work and more increasing productivity. It is a city that is in a good location and serves to travel anywhere in the United States or South America

4. Home is here

Living in Miami can make you feel like you live in the home where you grew up, fills you with memories and experiences that nourish your memory. The charisma of its inhabitants with Latin origins, its culture combined with gastronomy makes it a place where you want to be.

5. Nightlife

The city is known worldwide for its nightlife, thus finding clubs, clubs or bars in different parts is just as easy as finding where to eat. Just picture it, exploring South beach, getting something to eat then a drink before ending up the night with some electro music in a fancy club.

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