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Best Real Estate Related Shows on Netflix (2019)

Did you know that Netflix shows also offer a good way to pick up new ideas and inspiration for your real estate endeavour?  

Real Estate Investing in Florida 101: Passive Income

Looking for information and tips on how to generate passive income through real estate investment in the state of Florida? You’ve come to the right place

Looking for Retirement Paradise? Welcome to the Sunshine State

Retirement is not a thing to take lightly, choosing the perfect place is not an easy task. You need to have the proper information to make a good decision.

6 tips to be a good real estate investor

The real estate market is growing every day. Even though you don’t really need special education to invest in it, it’s important to know a few things

4 tips to invest in real estate

Investing in real estate is increasingly more profitable, and that’s why many people want to put their capital in it. Real estate refers to assets….

5 reasons to hire a real state agent

an expert in the real state has invaluable experience and knowledge. A real estate agent can answer your questions and make your investment more successful

5 reasons you might want to invest in an apartment complex

Investing in real estate to rent can be a very profitable endeavour, and some experts argue that one of the most profitable real estate…

In Stalled Market, Condos Outperform Overpriced KB Homes

Condominium buildings in Key Biscayne’s Garden District, July 18, 2019. Sales activity remains in a slump on the island, according to Multiple Listing Service statistics. (Key News/Claudine Coto Knautz) Real estate activity on Key Biscayne remains dismal this first half of 2019. Given the relative uptick in 2018, a bounce-back in 2019 seemed possible, but … Read moreIn Stalled Market, Condos Outperform Overpriced KB Homes

5 tips for investing in commercial real estate

If you’re looking to invest in real estate, you want a property that is reliably profitable, has low risk and helps you curb how much you spend…

Real Estate: How to get started

Real Estate is no child’s play, there are so many things to consider that it’s really easy to get lost in the process of buying a home or just a property to flip and sell. But before you get in too deep, there are some basic tips and tricks you should consider from experts in … Read moreReal Estate: How to get started

5 tips to sell real estate

Real estate is the name given to a property that is anchored to the ground, like a home, a commercial premise, a garage or storage space, etcetera.

6 tips for investing in a beach house

Sitting back in your own porch while you see the sunset on the ocean and you breathe in the fresh salty air is many people’s idea of The Dream.

6 tips to make a good real estate investment

You can make a real estate investment at any point in life. The decision to buy a home or some other property comes with many questions

7 benefits of investing on real estate

The decision to invest in real estate is a way to capitalize your savings. It’s a very common alternative for people who want to safeguard their finances.