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Real Estate Crowdfunding and Millenials: What’s the Deal?

Real Estate Crowfunding

Millennials aren’t news anymore. Yet, their impact on every market and business remains a huge conversation starter. Young people between the ages of 20 and 35 are taking over real estate crowdfunding by financing the real estate construction sector and then proceeding to convert into sales. Thus recovering the investment.

Traditionally, people increase their money with real estate investments, mutual funds, and so on. Add to these, the chance to invest your money in real estate crowdfunding. It is a new trend that links you to the construction of a property. The trend works because there’s already proof of who is the type of investor and how it behaves.

What is real estate crowdfunding?

When it comes to real estate, crowdfunding implies a collective investment in terms of construction. Companies allow groups of people to be part of a real estate project, all of these through different digital platforms. It’s not easy for many to fully invest in a real estate project, or they aren’t properly versed in how real estate works. This option allows Millenials to find a new way to make extra income.

According to the data, men are the most interested in crowdfunding with approximately 75% of respondents over 30 years old are interested in this type of business. Closely followed by men aged 20 to 29 and thirdly with adults over 60 years old.

Other relevant data shows that 41% of investors are engineers, 15% medical, 11% architects and the rest work in other areas. Real estate crowdfunding is one of the global trends to make some steady income.

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