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Generating Customer Leads in Real Estate Marketing

While not many real estate professionals are not exactly experts on how the internet may drive their sales positively, they should do their best to keep up with advances in online sales techniques. If you’re struggling with digital marketing, this article might help you out.

The Internet changed the behavior of consumers and us as sellers cannot be oblivious to those changes. Consumers are now more informed than before because they have huge amounts of information about products and services they require at their disposal, brought to the comfort of their home or office and just a click away.

In order to bring consumers closer together amid this vast ocean of information that exists on the web, we can use the Internet Marketing Strategies for real estate.

Online real estate marketing sole purpose is to attract qualified website visitors, arouse interest by promoting our properties and capture data to stay in touch in order to turn it into customer leads.

The most important part would be redirecting traffic to the website, and there are several ways to achieve this.

Converting: The basics

One way is to keep the site up-to-date and relevant for our visitors. One of the paid forms is through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns. When we talk about qualified visitors, we mean visitors really interested in what we are offering at the time.

Converting is all about getting visitors to take actions that were previously defined by the seller. For example: answer a survey, fill out a form with your data, make a call, and so on. If the visitor meets that goal, then we can talk about an effective conversion.

There are several ways to convert:
  • Classified ads on real estate portals

  • Sponsored link campaigns

  • E-mail marketing campaigns

  • Participating in social networks

Converting: The advanced

Each of these strategies has its own tactics: for example in sponsored links, it highlights a widely used tactic that consists of advertising campaigns with text ads in one of the main internet search engines, to appear in the first search results when a navigator makes a query using keywords.

If we are running a Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign and we have a sponsored ad with those same words; then if there is a much better chance of showing us in the first results. Depending on the optimization of the ad. By finding us in the first results, the odds of the navigator clicking on our ad are also increased and we will only pay if there is indeed click.

These ad campaigns should be highly optimized and strategically mounted with keywords for each ad. The price for each word depends on the competence and offer at that time for that word; this price is set by auction and one can choose the maximum value that he is willing to pay for it.

You can also set a daily investment budget; the better optimized the campaign, the more clicks you can get with the same budget. We can also have permanent control over campaigns and make changes when we think relevant, such as modifying ad texts, schedules, and distribution regions, optimizing landing pages, and more.

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