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Best Real Estate Related Shows on Netflix (2019)

We have all been there: staring into the homepage of Netflix, in the search for something entertaining to watch and wondering on how to invest our valuable time! Sometimes, all we need is to decompress and streaming services, such as Netflix, offer a great way to do just that. But, did you know that it is also a good way to pick up new ideas and inspiration for your real estate endeavour?  

  Are you currently working on a renovation project for your home? Or Are you thinking about investing in a real estate rental property? If you are running low on ideas, this is the right article for you! We will list the best real estate-related shows on Netflix at the moment, so you can get your creative juices flowing and become inspired by grandiose designs. Or maybe, you can finally decide on the tile for your guest bathroom, that has been on the back of your mind all week.

  Before starting our list, we have to state that the following shows are not all the options available on Netflix, but a glimpse, based on our subjective taste. The list focuses on shows that will help you gain new ideas or maybe become acquainted with innovative trends in the market. Now get comfortable and put some popcorn in the microwave before we start.  


Property Brothers

  This show follows the projects of a real estate agent Drew Scot and his contractor brother, Jonathan Scot, as they help clients to purchase and restore properties across the US. The brother’s take on each project is refreshing and you will find a lot of information regarding renovation budgets and unexpected expenses that can arise when purchasing older homes. One thing that you’ll definitely learn after watching this show, is the importance of home inspection before buying a property. You never know what’s behind the walls!


Release date: 2011 – 2 seasons, 45 minutes approximately per episode


The world’s most extraordinary homes 

  As you might have guessed by the title, this show portrays some of the most impressive home designs around the world! The hosts, travel the globe to meet with the proud owners and architects of some of the finest real estate properties in the world. This will serve as inspiration for the home of your dreams! Spoiler alert: one episode is in the US and they show a wonderful piece of design in Florida; showcasing the immense potential for construction developments in the Sunshine State.

Details: release date: 2019 – 3 seasons, 45 to 60 minutes per episode


Stay here  

  This is one of our favourite shows on Netflix because it shows all the difficulties that owners endure when attempting to rent their properties! This show explains a lot of the financial metrics surrounding the property rental business:  comparisons between possible “competitors” in the area, occupancy rates and desired return on investment. They transform a money pit into a tangible and functioning investment, guiding you every step of the way to accomplish it.

Details: release date: 2018 – 1 season, 30 minutes approximately per episode


Tiny house nation 

  This Netflix original shows the new trend in the market, known as “tiny house” investment, where clients look for small and affordable homes (and when we say small, we mean SMALL), to meet their needs. This show is a good way to become familiar with the concept of tiny homes. Although it mostly made us think of the huge decluttering, we would have to do to fit into a tiny home.

 One important thing that we learned from this show, is that most of the tiny house projects are built on private property that needs to be rented. Basically, you are buying the home but not the land, which is something that needs to be taken into consideration. However, we are not suggesting that tiny houses are ideal for you. Remember that you should always consult with professional real estate agents, regarding the benefits and dangers of each different trend.

Details: release date: 2019 – 1 season, 40 minutes approximately per episode

   Now that we have listed some of the most interesting real estate-related shows on Netflix, you can take your time, relax and enjoy these shows with your loved ones or maybe binge watch on your own (we have, so we won’t judge if you do too). Hopefully, you will new inspiration and tips to help you out with your projects. If not, we promise that you will get a few hours of quality entertainment out of these shows. Always remember that these articles are not meant to be taken as financial advice.



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