Email Marketing and Real Estate: Increasing Your Sales

Your email list matters. Here’s why

Whether you’re selling shoes or properties, Email Marketing converts. Its effectiveness to generate leads has no equal. It allows sellers to segment their messages accordingly while establishing a sense of trust and liability. After all, when clients agree to share their email address it means they expect something in return.

That’s right. An email list is a smart seller’s way to reach clients with timely solutions in a personal way.


Make sublists by common problems

Demographics can tell you a lot about your clients. Build sublists by grouping potential customers based on common issues they might have and explain how you can help. Check your email list and help parents whose children are 2 years away from college so they can start thinking about student housing. Or what about that recently married couple that might be thinking about having children? Help them find a safer area for their kids to grow up.


Make sublists by aspirations

Pay special attention to the neighbourhoods or areas that might be of special interest to some of your clients and create a sublist. Also, if you manage to identify hints of particular interests regarding lifestyles or luxury aspirations, you can add value to regular listings and reach potential clients in a more approachable way.


The real value of growing your email list

Emails, newsletters, and subscriptions have a powerful effect on the way we interact with our clients. They allow us to remain connected and build continuity even after years of a successful sale. We do so by providing our clients with the info they need even when they don’t know they need it. Thus strengthening our brand, increasing awareness and positioning ourselves in the mind of the consumer that trusted us in the first place.

Just like with Real Estate, investing in growing your email list is all about increasing value over time. Start today and see how custom messaging and segmentation can increase your sales over time.

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