Why Brickell is The Place to Live: A Four Minutes Read

Brickell is a unique blend of its own. Both financial district and residential paradise. Brickell allows its inhabitants the privilege of nearness. If you live in Brickell you could walk to your job, enjoy the best of outdoors and go out during the night to any bar or restaurant without a car –even though cars are the main means of transport to work in Brickell.

With 5,199 households, an average household income of $94,648 and 7,323 housing units, you can tell Brickell life is top-tier. Also it’s worth mentioning that 79.45% of its inhabitants have had the same house as last year, meaning they know the real value behind their properties.

This real estate boom began years ago with a generous amount of new constructions and apartment towers, making life at Brickell more vivid and busy. Particularly, there was an influx of young professionals looking for a great place to live and work while aspiring for a more luxurious lifestyle. This rise of young entrepreneurs and small business led to better opportunities and a strong city development.

The Brickell identity

Living at Brickell you’ll see people walking here and there, exercising and rushing to their jobs. There’s a bank everywhere, international companies, and both groundbreaking startups as consolidated brands. Add this to the trend of recently graduated professionals from the FIU and you’ve got yourself a refreshing place to live.

The Brickell area has become a center that glows under its own light, with a catchy vibe of young people and professional circulating on the streets. A casual, chic and multicultural culture that is creating its own identity. Its contagious lifestyle invites you to be part of it.

Few of those who travel to Miami are aware of the impact Brickell has on the Miami life. Brickell is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Miami and was chosen as one of the best to live.


This charming yet chic neighborhood is the heart of the city and although it is filled with buildings of important companies, and luxurious departments, it’s a wonderful place to live unbelievably near to South Beach, Miami Downtown, and Key Biscayne.

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